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There Goes Peter Cottontail: Keeping Rabbits Out Of Your Plants

Living near a park or forested area has a number of visual and health benefits. You have the option to go outside and take in fresh air along with beautiful sights. The oxygen that trees emit also provides you with a better environment for your lungs and overall health. One of the more irritating issues that you will experience when you live near a forested area is the rabbits. Although they are cute, they can become pests, especially if you take particularly good care of your yard. Rabbits are likely to become a bigger issue as time goes on, so finding ways to deal with them up front is always best.

Call out pest control 

If you take pride in your yard, you may find that rabbits tend to become a nuisance. It is common for rabbits to chew on grass and other green plants. If the rabbits are able to find nuts, they may also eat nuts or fruit that grows on the trees inside of your yard. If you want to keep the rabbits away from your plants, you should call a pest control company that can apply products that will discourage rabbits from coming into your yard. If there is a rabbit infestation in the area, setting traps for the rabbits then releasing them further from your home will discourage them from remaining in your area. 

 Trim grass, trees, and hedges

One of the best things that you can do to get rabbits from sticking around is taking away all of their burrowing places. Keep your grass properly trimmed and take care to trim the hedges as well. Around your hedges and bushes, fill in any dirt that the rabbits may have dug up in order to crawl underneath your plants. Filling the space under hedges and shrubs with mesh will make it more difficult for rabbits to hid on your property. If your trees produce fruit or nuts, you should keep the branches of the tree trimmed. If it is fruit and nut producing season, you should scan your yard and pick up the fruits and nuts at least once a day in order to stop rabbits from having easy-to-find food. 

Build up fencing

One of the best ways to pest proof against rabbits is to build a fence. If the ground is solid enough to stop digging. Put up a fence that is at least a foot high, so that it is too tall for the rabbits to jump. This will increase your home's curb appeal as well as keep out rabbits.   

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